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We aim to be the leading supplier of Anti Cancer products in our region. Our mission is to promote the brand we are working for in our market from around the glob

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Diligent health solutions is one of the fastest growing Pharmaceutical trading company in Europe & Middle east. Within a year, the company has acquired sole distribution of several emerging international Pharmaceutical brands and introduced them successfully in the local & International market. Furthermore, we supply Cosmeutical Anti Cancer products from Europe USA & India to all over the world. All products sold by the company are FDA GMP WHO approved .We have a team of experienced marketing professionals who have strong business affiliations






 Infectious Diseases

STERITALC® by Novatech

Controlled particle size talc for use in the pleural cavity

STERITALC® consists of talcum which is mined in France and is specifically processed for medical use (talcum pleurodesis).

STERITALC® is suited for all indications of pleurodesis. It is non-soluble and induces permanent pleurodesis. Compared with tetracyclines, talcum is more effective and less painful.

As a rule, for malignant indications 3 to 5 g are used, for treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax 2 g are sufficient in most cases.

Biolasol: novel perfusion and preservation solution for kidneys.

Biolasol solution (Pharmaceutical Research and Production Plant “Biochefa,” Sosnowiec, Poland) is a novel extracellular perfusion and ex vivo hypothermic kidney preservation solution. It ensures maintenance of homeostasis, reduces tissue edema, has low viscosity, and allows the graft to preserve structural and functional integrity. It minimizes ischemia-reperfusion damage.